we are hUOVO

hUOVO is a hub of professionals with consolidated experience in national and multinational
companies and agencies – structured in a flexible way according to the Clients’ needs, to
develop and implement marketing and communication projects and solutions; A cross-
cutting consultancy approach focused on the results with the highest efficiency. Working
alongside with companies, thanks to the deep experiences of each and every member.

The name: the egg as a simple yet powerful element that holds within itself the idea of birth
and creativity, capable of making endless recipes and mixing different elements. An egg in
which the human element makes the difference.

the partners

marina sergio
massimo zanrosso

marina sergio

Graduated in Economics and Business, twenty years of marketing experience and trade
marketing in the mass market, both in dynamic and innovative markets, and in highly
penetrating markets. She has roles of growing responsibility up to the marketing direction in
Galbani. She consolidates her professional competence in the communication agency, as
Managing Director in Brand Portal. Enthusiastic by definition, she loves whatever
contributes to expand her own vision: traveling, exploring, learning and experimenting.

massimo zanrosso

Graduated at IED in Milan in Art Direction, the sense of challenge and a pinch of madness
combined with a profound entrepreneurial spirit immediately led him to the foundation of a
communication agency. In almost thirty years of experience he works with many companies
in the national and international sectors, mainly in the food and cosmetics ones, embracing
with the same passion the complexity of a multimedia project or of a well-made hollow
punch. It is unclear whether he is more a cyclist or a biker. Instead his skill as a chef is very

The network

In addition to the members, hUOVO involves a cross-cutting network of professionals
dedicated to each project, including a collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano. The
result is an extremely personalized approach that leads to the company’s excellence in the
most appropriate skills.